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Recent News // News Release: Osceola County Launches Technology Action Plan

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Download the Osceola County Technology Action Plan

Osceola County, MI – The Osceola County Broadband Expansion Team unveiled its Technology Action Plan Thursday at the county commission chambers as part of its participation in Connect Michigan’s Connected Community Engagement Program. Osceola County enrolled in the program to boost the local economy and quality of life for residents though increased access, adoption, and use of broadband.

“We have understood for some time that the availability, adoption, and use of broadband has become a critical component in a community’s ability to achieve economic expansion, improved educational opportunities, more efficient government, and an overall increased quality of life,” said Dan Massy, Osceola County Community Development Coordinator. “Working with Connect Michigan has helped us to identify our deficiencies and is now providing us with the tools and guidance to move forward.”

Developing the plan involved participating in an extensive assessment of the county’s overall broadband and technology infrastructure. The Technology Action Plan sets general community-wide broadband connectivity goals to work toward that will support economic development and residential quality of life.

The Connected Community Engagement Program supports the development of a comprehensive strategy for building a “connected” community by reviewing the technology landscape, developing regional partnerships, establishing local teams, and conducting a thorough community assessment of the broadband infrastructure.

“The Osceola County Broadband Expansion Team is currently conducting a short survey among residents and business owners in Osceola County,” said Massy. “Once completed, the responses from all surveys will be combined and distributed to prospective Internet service providers. By identifying the need, it is hoped that faster and more affordable Internet services will be made available in all areas of Osceola County.” 

Twenty-five Michigan communities are currently involved in some stage of the Connected program, and now Osceola County has an action plan to make way for greater technology use across the community and pave the way for a brighter economic future.

Download the Press Release

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Connected Nation developed the Connected Community Engagement Program to help guide a community through an assessment of its overall broadband and technology status. Connected certified communities have measurably demonstrated their proficiency for effective Access, Adoption, and Use of broadband-supported technologies. Connected Nation through its partners provides a national platform for recognizing those communities that excel across these important benchmarks. Funded by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), this effort is part of the State Broadband Initiative.

About Connect Michigan:  As the designated entity for broadband mapping and planning in the state of Michigan, Connect Michigan is a public-private partnership between the Michigan Public Service Commission and Connected Nation to work with local governments, businesses, and citizens in the goal of increasing broadband service in the Michigan’s underserved areas. For more information about what Connect Michigan is doing to accelerate technology in Michigan’s communities, visit

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