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Businesses, Families, Schools to Benefit From Wyandot County Technology Action Plan

By Jessica Denson

From employers who want more tech-savvy workers to students who need online access to complete their homework, Wyandot County is a community in need of better broadband (high-speed internet) access. Connected Nation (CN), through its Connected Community Engagement Program (Connectedsm), and in partnership with local groups, has come up with a set of solutions that can help bring that access to more families and businesses.

Recent News // Press Release: Developing a Plan to Connect More Ottawa County Residents, Businesses, Schools

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

TECH WEEK: Ohio’s Shot at Being the Next Tech Hotbed

By Jessica Denson

It’s #techweek in America and the spotlight is not shining as brightly on Silicon Valley.

Instead it’s places like Indianapolis, Nashville, and Cincinnati that are getting a lot of recent attention. That’s because they’re some of the nation’s fastest growing markets for tech jobs, according to an article in Money magazine which cited’s latest stats on jobs.

TECH WEEK: Bandwidth Basics - What Are Mbps and How Many Do I Need?

By Connected Nation

 It's #techweek in America, and Connected Nation is kicking it off by bringing you back to the basics by helping all of us understand what exactly bandwidth is all about and what your speed means. 

Developing State Plans for FirstNet

By Jessica Denson

When it comes to connecting communications among police, fire, and emergency personnel across the country, developing plans for each state and U.S. territory is key to ensuring its effectiveness.

The First Responder Network Authority has begun work on those plans.  They’ll be integrated into the FirstNet Network which will become a single, nationwide, interoperable LTE network for public safety communications. Once complete, it will give first responders priority in emergency situations.

Roundtable Discussion: Why All Ohioans Deserve Broadband Access

By Connected Nation

In early June four men sat around a table in a soundproof room. With their headsets on and cables to each of their microphones covering the table, they were ready to talk about broadband and why it’s so important for Ohioans to be connected.

Connect Ohio’s Stu Johnson speaks at the 122nd Ohio Telecom Association Annual Convention

By Connected Nation


Sharing One Network Improves Communication and Outcomes

By Jessica Denson

It’s hard to believe but America’s first responders rely on more than 10,000 separate radio networks to communicate with each other during emergencies. There’s a glaring issue with this—those networks are often incompatible.

First responders are not connected to one network, and it’s making it hard for emergency crews from different jurisdictions to work together. For police, fire, and EMS, that lack of clear communication can mean the difference between life and death for those they’re trying to help and even puts their own safety at risk.

Recent News // Drive Testing Reveals Gaps in Broadband Coverage That Could Impact Public Safety

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Recent News // Connected Nation Congratulates Iowa’s New Broadband Governor Kim Reynolds

Friday, May 26, 2017
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