Welcome to the My ConnectView™ Interactive Map View



The My ConnectView™ Interactive Map is a Web application that helps states to participate in the U.S. State Broadband Initiative (SBI) Program.  It provides tools for mapping broadband coverage and planning broadband initiatives.  The application supports transparency by giving the public access to broadband information and allowing users to create customized views of the current broadband landscape while using the underlying data in decision-making activities on how to expand broadband service to unserved and underserved areas.  


My ConnectView™ is a new Rich Internet Application (RIA) Web-based framework used to view, analyze, and share broadband service and related data.  My ConnectView™ is based on Esri ArcGIS Server technology and offers open access to extensive GIS capabilities to publish and share geographic data, maps, analyses, and models.  Its dashboard style display is created using ArcGIS API for Flex to provide the RIA user experience.  


My ConnectView™ provides executive decision makers, government staff, broadband providers, and the pubic with Web-based access to information regarding: