General Map Functions

The general map functions included on the My ConnectView™ interactive map include zooming in and zooming out of a given area, panning the map in different directions, viewing an inset map, and returning to the full extent of the display.  These functions are mainly contained on a toolbar on the right side of the application unless otherwise noted below.


Zoom In/Zoom Out

The zoom in image42.gif and zoom out image43.gif functions can be handled in three different ways:


  1. Select the zoom in button image44.gif then click a spot on the map; while holding down the left mouse button, drag to create a box around the location to zoom into.  Let go of the left mouse button when ready and the map will zoom in to the selected area.  The same functionality is available to zoom out, using the second magnifying glass button image45.gif.  

  2. Using the zoom slider bar (pictured below), click the plus sign to zoom in one level and click the minus sign to zoom out one level.  In addition, the oval on the slider bar can be used to zoom in or out.  Click the oval and drag it up or down to zoom in or out.  


  1. The third zoom option requires a scroll button on the user's mouse to be present.  With the mouse pointer on the map display, scroll forward to zoom in and scroll down to zoom out.



To move the map in an direction, the pan tool image47.gif can be used.  click on the pan button, then click on the map (or "grab" the map with the mouse pointer) and while holding the left mouse button, move the map in the desired direction.


Road Map

The display of the map is set to the road map by default.  This allows users to view streets, cities, state and county boundaries, railroads, parks, and other labeled features.  If viewing the satellite imagery map (see below), click on the road map button image48.gif to return to the default view.


Satellite Imagery

To display satellite imagery, or aerial photographs, click the satellite button image49.gif to change the map display from the road map to the satellite imagery.  


Inset Map

The inset map, or overview map, can be used to show a more zoomed out version of what is being viewed on the main map display.  Click the button in the bottom right corner image50.gif to activate the inset map.



To close the inset map, click the image52.gif on the top left of the inset map.


Full Extent

When zoomed in to any level of map and wanting to return to the original display, the full extent button can be used.  Click the house icon image53.gif in the bottom left corner of the screen and the map display will revert to the original extent.