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New Leader Chosen for the Public Safety Advisory Committee

By Jessica Denson

Tom Sorley has been chosen by FirstNet as the new Chair of the Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC). The committee will help FirstNet uphold its pledge to the nation’s public safety personnel and the communities they serve.

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FirstNet’s Record-Breaking, $46 Billion Partnership With AT&T

By Jessica Denson

The First Responder Network Authority announced the selection of AT&T to build the FirstNet network, a nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to America’s first responders, at a cost of $46.6 billion.

It’s a record-breaking, public-private partnership that FirstNet officials say will allow them to better respond to public safety needs while “capitalizing on commercial best practices.” 

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Changing the Face of Public Safety and Emergency Communications in Iowa

By Jessica Denson

The Iowa Statewide Interoperable Communications System Board (ISICSB) FirstNet Metro Outreach for Iowa Homeland Security Region 1 meeting was held March 22 in Des Moines, Iowa. The goal was to provide an update on FirstNet and the Iowa Statewide Interoperable Communication System (ISICS). 

ISICS goal is to provide interoperable communications across Iowa to public safety agencies. ISICS is a 700 MHz P25 TDMA radio system. Once complete, it’s expected to deliver 95% coverage, improving emergency communications for Iowa’s first responders. 

FirstNet and States

By Connected Nation

FirstNet is a federal effort to establish a nationwide telecommunications network for first responders across the U.S. This network will allow first responders to communicate more and more accurate data in real time. It will bring with it innovations in emergency medicine, fire safety, and public security.

Each state is preparing for its role in establishing FirstNet locally. The FirstNet website has a well-organized map where visitors can click on their own state to learn more.

Drones Help FDNY With Bronx Fire

By Connected Nation

This week, FDNY used a drone to assist in the response to a fire in the Bronx. The drone is outfitted with HD and infrared cameras and allows chiefs on the ground to see and help manage the operations. Having the visual info in addition to the radio reports help make sure the fire fighters are safe.

FirstNet will help first responders share similar information in real time across the U.S.

FirstNet and Firefighters

By Connected Nation

Fire fighters are important partners with FirstNet. The roll of improved communications in real time is especially important for metro fire fighting first responders. FirstNet recently highlighted the leadership in the fire safety community’s role in planning of the network.

Read the FirstNet blog here to hear from PSAC’s designated member from the Metropolitan Firechiefs Association.


FirstNet Basics

By Connected Nation

Among first responders, FirstNet is widely known. However, describing FirstNet to others who do not work in emergency services can be a challenge, depending on how familiar the other person is with the role of communications in first response efforts. To help, FirstNet has produced great introductory videos. Here is a video you can share with those who are not already tracking FirstNet’s work.

Watch the video here.


Smart Cities and FirstNet

By Connected Nation

Much is being written about IoT or the “internet of things” and its impact on cities—particularly smart cities.  Smart cities are those with sufficient digital infrastructure to collect, monitor, and analyze data in real time in order to impact the management of important community services.

FirstNet will help cities better manage unplanned events/emergencies. This video provides an excellent overview of how FirstNet will equip smart cities.

Watch the video here.


EMS Teams Need Consistently Fast Network

By Connected Nation

FirstNet officials attended the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) conference in New Orleans recently. NAEMSP members highlighted the need for dependable and real-time data while providing emergency care aware from medical facilities.

Often times, EMS services’ data is carried over commercial networks that can be slower in times of heavy use. Time and information is critical to patient care.  FirstNet offers the potential to provide consistent and fast data access for EMS professionals providing healthcare in emergency situations.

Video: FirstNet Lab Tests Coverage

By Connected Nation

FirstNet’s Innovation and Test Lab is conducting an analysis of coverage reliability. Dropping a call or having data interrupted may be inconvenient, but it isn’t life threatening typically. For first responders using FirstNet, the seamless reliability of access to the network will be critical.

The FirstNet Lab in Boulder, Colorado is conducting tests to measure mobile reliability.  Use the following link to read more.

Read the article.


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