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90 Days and Counting: The Deadline to Adopt FirstNet and AT&T Network

By Connected Nation

Last week FirstNet delivered the final plans for state governors. States that have not accepted the plan have until December 28 to opt-in or have their state create its own Radio Access Network (RAN) that’s compatible with the FirstNet network. The decision to opt-in will provide greater public safety, increased infrastructure developments, and job creation.

Why FirstNet?

By Connected Nation

This week Louisiana opted in to partner with FirstNet technology and AT&T. They are now one of the 24 states to make changes in their public safety efforts. As stated in FirstNet’s press release, Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards said, "The entire State of Louisiana will benefit from this decision.”

“Count Us In,” Baltimore Fire Chief Says of FirstNet

By Jessica Denson

This week, Idaho and Texas opted in to the state plans for FirstNet, joining Maryland and 20 other states. Once complete, FirstNet will become a nationwide LTE broadband network that will give priority to public safety officials. Baltimore Fire Chief Niles Ford calls the network “a watershed moment” for firefighters and other first responders.

From Hurricanes to Wildfires: Preparing Your Family in Case of a Disaster

By Jessica Denson

Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, wildfires along the east coast—each one a tragedy for communities now struggling to cope. But each one is also a reminder that every one of us needs a plan in case of an emergency.

FEMA has named September as National Preparedness Month. That means it’s time to make sure each member of your family knows what to do to stay safe and communicate during times of disaster. 

Opting-in: The Latest State to Choose FirstNet

By Connected Nation

The following press release was posted on FirstNet's website on August 28, 2017. 

Advancing UAS technologies in all public safety disciplines

By Connected Nation

Mike Worrell, senior fire services advisor, has been with FirstNet since 2015. He wrote the following piece for It was first published on August 22.  

Rural Broadband Month: Iowa’s Governor Working to Connect More Families, Businesses, Farmers

By Jessica Denson

As part of Rural Broadband Month, RFD-TV, a broadcast group that focuses on rural affairs issues across the country, is focusing on the challenges and solutions to bringing broadband (high-speed internet) to more families, businesses, and farms across the U.S.

The First States and Territories to Opt-In to FirstNet

By Connected Nation

Territories across the United States are beginning to officially opt-in to the First Net and AT&T network to enhance their public safety communities. The wireless broadband network will help first responders save more lives and protect communities as quickly as possible.

Watch here for an explanation of FirstNet’s capabilities for an advanced public safety community. So far, one U.S. territory and eleven states have opted in to the FirstNet and AT&T network.

U.S. Virgin Islands is First to Accept FirstNet and AT&T Plan

By Connected Nation

This week, the U.S. Virgin Islands became the first U.S. territory to accept the FirstNet network. Governor Kenneth Mapp announced this decision, which will deliver a wireless broadband network to the territory’s public safety community. FirstNet technology allows first responders to save lives, arrive at emergencies sooner, and protect communities—all from a private, wireless broadband network. After FirstNet consultation and outreach activities with the U.S.

FirstNet: Back to the Basics

By Connected Nation

FirstNet is the First Responder Network Authority within the U.S. Department of Commerce. As stated on its website, “Its mission is to develop, build, and operate the nationwide, broadband network that equips first responders to save lives and protect U. S. communities.”

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