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What's Next for FirstNet?

By Jessica Denson

All 50 states, two U.S. territories, and Washington, D.C. leaders have opted-in to the state plans for FirstNet, a national public safety network.

The FirstNet network will be a reliable, secure broadband network dedicated to public safety. It will help law enforcement, firefighters, and EMS save lives and protect communities across the United States.

Now that there is national buy-in for the program the big question is “What’s Next?” The answer is that build out for the FirstNet network will begin with several key milestones and activities planned for 2018. Those include:

FirstNet Goes Nationwide

By Jessica Denson

Leaders in all 50 states, two U.S. territories, and Washington, D.C. have opted-in for a unified wireless broadband network that will give first responders streamlined communications and priority status during emergencies. Dubbed “FirstNet” the new public safety network was conceived after issues arose with communications during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The Clock is Ticking: Governors Have Just Two Weeks Left to Accept FirstNet’s State Plans

By Jessica Denson

Three months. That’s how long governors were given to decide whether to opt-in or opt-out of the First Responder Network Authority’s plans for all U.S. states and territories.

First Responder Network: “The Time is Now,” says Virginia Fire Chief

By Connected Nation

The following blog was first published on  on December 7, 2017.  It's authored by Mike Worrerll, FirstNet Senior Fire Services Adivsor 

Why Vermont Opted-In for FirstNet’s State Plan

By Connected Nation

On November 29 Vermont decided to opt-in to the FirstNet Network. Public safety communication efficiency will increase, which will provide greater community protection and a quicker response to an emergency. This highly secure wireless system is only used by first responders and emergency departments, so large pieces of data can be sent and received without slowing down the wireless signal.

FirstNet for Large-Scale Events

By Connected Nation

In Charlotte, NC more than 77,000 Carolina Panther fans compete with first responder and public safety personnel during games. Networks become overloaded with users when fans use the wireless connection to post pictures during the game and log into social networks.

North Carolina recently joined the FirstNet and AT&T network, which allows for a strong and secure signal for emergency officials to carry out their duties during large events like the Carolina Panther games.

No Normal Day

By Connected Nation

Please note: the following post was first published by 

More Than 30 States Have Opted-in to the FirstNet Network

By Connected Nation

Utah just became the 31st state to choose FirstNet’s state plans. Once complete, the network will streamline communications and give first responders a way to communicate across agencies and county and state lines, so they can make better decisions for public safety and their communities.

FirstNet Strengthens Commitment to Native Americans

By Jessica Denson

The First Responder Network Authority demonstrated its commitment to Native Americans this week with the announcement of a Tribal Consultation Policy. The policy means tribal leaders will be able to share their public safety needs through a nation-to-nation relationship between FirstNet and the country’s 567 federally recognized tribes.  

FirstNet Launches First Developer Program

By Connected Nation

The first developer program of FirstNet and AT&T has launched for America’s emergency responders. It is the force behind innovation in public safety today. The technology will allow public safety to have a private app store. The app store will serve as a “one-stop shop” for reliable solutions for public safety through the FirstNet network.

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