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Blog // Connect Michigan

Bridging Michigan’s Social and Digital Divides

By Jessica Denson

When the Michigan State University’s Institute of Public Policy and Social Research (IPPSR) needed some background for its look at the social and digital divides in the state, it looked to Connect Michigan to provide some of the important data needed. This important policy and research paper examines the inequalities tied to the non-use or use of the Internet and related information technologies. The paper’s authors spoke with Eric Frederick, Executive Director of Connect Michigan, a subsidiary of Connected Nation, which is working to close the digital divide in America. Frederick, also the Director of Connected Nation’s Connected Community...

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Farmers Need Tech Too

By Jessica Denson

Happy National Agriculture Day! On this day meant for our ag industry, we want to talk about an important issue—getting broadband access for our nation's farmers. Farmers and technology may not, at first, sound like they go together. But, if you think that's the case, you would be wrong. Modern farmers use technology for everything from monitoring important weather changes to general farm equipment. For farmers with an Internet connection, their use of technology has truly transformed their operations. It's another important reason why we must continue our work to become a Connected Nation. These stats provide a glimpse into the use of an...

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Spring Into Technology

By Connected Nation

From using Facebook for the first time to using e-mail as a marketing tool, the first step is always education. Many first-time users and even experienced users expanding their skills don’t know how to start or even where to look for instruction. Across Michigan in both rural and urban areas, chambers of commerce, local libraries, economic development corporations, private businesses, and many others are teaching essential computer skills this spring. If you’re curious about using online tools for socializing, business development, research, or just for fun, new programs across Michigan are beginning now to help you get started. Here’s how:...

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Cyber-Security Training Made for Small Business

By Eric Frederick

Many small business owners believe cyber security practices and vulnerabilities only apply to big businesses with millions in revenue. However, more and more small businesses are learning the hard way that things like ransomware, password theft, social media hijacking, and cloud storage invasion can cost thousands of dollars and even close doors. Working with cyber security experts, MEDC, and U.S. Small Business Administration, the Michigan Small Business Development Center (MSBDC) has introduced Small Business, Big Threat (SBBT), an easy and informative assessment made specifically to protect small business owners from these risks. Anyone...

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