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Blog // Connect Michigan

The World’s First Website is Getting a Makeover

By Wil Payton

Twenty years ago a team of researchers from the European Tim Berners-LeeOrganization for Nuclear Research (more commonly known as CERN) released to the world the technology and software to run a Web server. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of this history-making occasion, a team hosted by the project’s creators have gathered to recreate a working version of the first website.

When the Web was born in 1993 there were approximately 400 known Web servers. Today, the Web has a ubiquitous presence with around 630 million websites.

Below is an excerpt from a CNNTech article on the subject:

"There is no sector of society that has not been transformed by the invention, in a physics laboratory, of the Web," said Rolf Heuer, CERN's director-general. "From research to business and education, the Web has been reshaping the way we communicate, work, innovate and live. The Web is a powerful example of the way that basic research benefits humankind."

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