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Blog // Connect Michigan

Why Vermont Opted-In for FirstNet’s State Plan

By Connected Nation

On November 29 Vermont decided to opt-in to the FirstNet Network. Public safety communication efficiency will increase, which will provide greater community protection and a quicker response to an emergency. This highly secure wireless system is only used by first responders and emergency departments, so large pieces of data can be sent and received without slowing down the wireless signal.

“It is important that Vermont’s first responders have the best service and access to an interoperable network that is expected to advance and adapt with new technology through the next 25 years,” said Governor Phil Scott in the press release. “Vermont faced the choice of building its own network or using the federal solution. After thoroughly considering the technological, financial, and operational aspects of both options, I believe the federal plan will more quickly and sustainably provide our public safety community with the network it needs to continue its valuable service to Vermont.”

The FirstNet Network has been implemented by 34 states so far, including Vermont, and the opt-in number grows weekly. Overall, Vermont is excited about the decision and is utilizing FirstNet to meet communication needs such as expanding rural coverage across the state, including the Northeast Kingdom, making Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solutions available to support Vermont’s large contingent of volunteer responders, and utilizing state and municipal infrastructure assets as necessary and appropriate.

"Governor Scott’s decision is a win-win-win for the state, its public safety community, and everyone who lives, works, or visits in Vermont," said FirstNet Board Member and former Governor of Vermont, Jim Douglas in the press release. “The FirstNet Network will modernize our emergency communications infrastructure, help create jobs in the Green Mountain State, and ensure that our first responders have the best tools and technologies to keep our communities safe and secure.”

Visit for more information or stay updated with FirstNet via Twitter (@FirstNetGov).


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