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Blog // Connect Michigan

Why FirstNet?

By Connected Nation

This week Louisiana opted in to partner with FirstNet technology and AT&T. They are now one of the 24 states to make changes in their public safety efforts. As stated in FirstNet’s press release, Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards said, "The entire State of Louisiana will benefit from this decision.”

“From natural disasters like flooding and hurricanes, to other planned events like Mardi Gras, hosting Super Bowls or other large sporting events, Louisiana has many unique times when communications systems can become strained.

We will be working with our partners at FirstNet and AT&T on this communications network which means deploying a true interoperable nationwide system for public safety,”

Louisiana is not the only state looking to increase their public safety efforts. Safety leaders across the country are speaking out about the need for the FirstNet broadband network. Reasons range from the need for increased network capacity, reliable security during a disaster, and innovative lifesaving technology.

FirstNet is going to take public safety into the next stage. In a recent video on FirstNet’s twitter account, public safety officials spoke about the advantages FirstNet technology will bring to their jobs.

“It’ll increase our safety. If you have knowledge, if you have situational awareness, you get the critical information you need going into an incident— maybe a hazmat, a structure fire, or just your medical aid,” said Chief Don Butz from the Lakeside Fire Department in California.

In addition, Commander Morgan C. Kane from the DC Metropolitan Police Department says, “FirstNet needs to provide that constant connectivity, so that we have the ability to communicate with our troops and with our citizens should a major event ever happen in the District.”

There are still numerous states waiting to opt-in with FirstNet, but all states have had a state plan consultation. For more reasons that answer “Why FirstNet?” visit


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