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Blog // Connect Michigan

U.S. Virgin Islands is First to Accept FirstNet and AT&T Plan

By Connected Nation

This week, the U.S. Virgin Islands became the first U.S. territory to accept the FirstNet network. Governor Kenneth Mapp announced this decision, which will deliver a wireless broadband network to the territory’s public safety community. FirstNet technology allows first responders to save lives, arrive at emergencies sooner, and protect communities—all from a private, wireless broadband network. After FirstNet consultation and outreach activities with the U.S. Virgin Islands, Mapp stated “that it is in the best interest of the United States Virgin Islands and the country to participate in the FirstNet deployment of the National Public Safety Broadband Network.”

The network will be at no cost to the territory for 25 years, thanks to AT&T’s public-private partnership with FirstNet. Innovation, modern apps, and tools will be created for the public safety community. Some features of the FirstNet network provide enhanced network coverage, connecting first responders to critical information and making sure communication is efficient during natural and unexpected disasters.

Public safety and the day-to-day work experience for first responders will change for the better. There will be coverage to communicate over the islands that include remote areas and coastlines.

“Governor Mapp’s decision to join FirstNet demonstrates the Virgin Islands’ strong commitment to public safety,” said FirstNet CEO Mike Poth. “The FirstNet network will connect first responders across the territory’s diverse landscape—including waterways, coastlines and island terrain.  FirstNet and AT&T are pleased to have delivered a plan that meets the Virgin Islands’ unique needs, and we look forward to equipping first responders with the communications tools they need every day and in every emergency.”



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