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Blog // Connect Michigan

A Timeline for FirstNet’s State Plans

By Jessica Denson

Proposed state plans for FirstNet are now in the hands of governors and state leadership across the country. Each one was tailored to meet the needs of a specific state by the First Responders Network Authority. So, what happens now and when could FirstNet launch in your community?

Between June 19, when the state plans were distributed, until August 4, states will be able to review their individual plans proposed by FirstNet. Each state has until Friday, August 4 to ask any questions or provide comments for feedback.

FirstNet and AT&T, which was awarded the contract to build the broadband network for first responders, must then provide responses and answers to any comments and questions by mid-September.

That’s when a 90-day decision period will begin for governors. During that time, they must either opt-out or opt-in of the proposed plan. If a governor opts-out, he or she can come up with the state’s own plan. But if there is no formal decision issued by mid-December, then his or her state will be automatically opted into the plan proposed.

Once complete, FirstNet is expected to modernize public safety communications and provide first responders with technologies to help them save lives and protect communities.




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