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Blog // Connect Michigan

Ten Ways FirstNet Will Help Save Lives, Secure Communities

By Jessica Denson

Imagine if you or your family needed help and first responders didn’t have the necessary information about where you are or if you need firefighters, police, or emergency medical services personnel. Maybe you need all three?

FirstNet seeks to close the gap on communications among public safety personnel by providing the first nationwide public safety broadband network. This network will give fire, police, and emergency workers in your community access to all the information needed to ensure they help your family in a time of need.

Currently, many public safety networks operate independently, making it difficult to share information. FirstNet will change that. It will also connect first responders to families in rural areas, ensure a coordinated response during a natural disaster, and offer important tools for crowd control during planned and unplanned events.

There are many ways FirstNet will help all our first responders help families in times of need. Learn more now.



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