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Blog // Connect Michigan

Technology Having Impact on Education

By Wil Payton

We’re celebrating Education Month at Connected Nation. We’re working with partners across the nation on efforts and initiatives to connect more classrooms and bring better technology to students and educators. This month we will bring you a series of articles that feature news and information on the integration of technology to enhance the teaching and learning process.

Technology has profoundly affected the field of education. Recent surveys and research have found that technology has significantly impacted the learning experience.

As a case in point, a 2012 Connect Michigan study found that approximately 2.4 million adult Internet users are e-Learners, meaning that they take online classes or use the Internet to conduct research for schoolwork.

A similar Connect Minnesota study found that 14% of Minnesota broadband subscribers said the main reason they subscribed was that someone needed it for schoolwork.

The adoption of technology is fundamental to success in education — particularly at the college level — and access to digital devices has become a necessity.

CourseSmart, a firm that specializes in evaluating textbooks for higher education, commissioned a Wakefield Research survey that examined students’ technology usage and its correlation with college cost, access, convenience, and flexibility.

Below is an excerpt from a Huffington Post article on the survey:

As new technologies emerge, dependence on mobile devices will continue to grow rapidly, especially among college students. Of the students surveyed, 99 percent students reported having at least one digital device. While laptops were the most common (93 percent), many students now own smart phones (78 percent) and tablets (35 percent). This is a significant increase from our 2011 survey when only 47 percent of students said they owned a smartphone and 7 percent reported owning a tablet.

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