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Blog // Connect Michigan

Public Safety in the Hands of FirstNet Software

By Connected Nation

The FirstNet wireless communication system has the ability to transform emergency departments across state lines. With its wireless technology, police, fire, and other first response teams can communicate simultaneously during emergencies. FirstNet will improve response times, which will ultimately improve the beginning of an emergency where communication can be the least efficient. New Jersey is one of the first states to opt-in to the FirstNet technology in partnership with AT&T.

“New Jersey is proud to take this important step for first responders in our state. The decision to join this network means FirstNet and AT&T will deliver a highly secure, next-generation solution for our public safety community, building, maintaining, and operating it at no cost and no risk to our state,” said Governor Chris Christie.

FirstNet will provide rapid communication across public safety departments, especially during seasonal disasters, such as hurricanes along the New Jersey Shore. For the state, it’s a step in prioritizing public safety and becoming a public safety leader. This service from AT&T LTE network and technology from FirstNet is expected by the end of the year. It is a specialized network for public safety personnel only.

Learn more about FirstNet’s mission here and click here for details on New Jersey’s decision to opt-in to FirstNet.


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