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Blog // Connect Michigan

One Percent of Mobile Users Consume Half of World’s Bandwidth

By Wil Payton

Smart phones, tablets, and a growing public appetite for online content, are increasing the need for broadband speed, and for more bandwidth. The proliferation of hand-held computers has impacted the digital ecosystem in two significant ways—it has created a more diverse user population and it has raised the level of mobile data utilization to a point where this segment now consumes 90 percent of wireless bandwidth.

Yet, with only 1% of mobile users consuming half of the world’s bandwidth, it is clear that there is still much work to be done to continue bridging the digital divide.

Below is an excerpt from a New York Times article that examines this interesting bandwidth dynamic.

The world’s congested mobile airwaves are being divided in a lopsided manner, with 1 percent of consumers generating half of all traffic. The top 10 percent of users, meanwhile, are consuming 90 percent of wireless bandwidth.

Arieso, a company in Newbury, England, that advises mobile operators in Europe, the United States and Africa, documented the statistical gap when it tracked 1.1 million customers of a European mobile operator during a 24-hour period in November.

The gap between extreme users and the rest of the population is widening, according to Arieso. In 2009, the top 3 percent of heavy users generated 40 percent of network traffic. Now, Arieso said, these users pump out 70 percent of the traffic.

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