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Blog // Connect Michigan

MSU Lawyering Startup Competition With a Reality Show Flavor

By Wil Payton

Teaching law at Michigan State University has taken on a reality show flair, at least in one program. The Entrepreneurial Lawyering Startup Competition is an activity that reinforces law students’ skill sets in a field that is being transformed by technology.

The competition, a function of the university’s Reinvent Law Laboratory, is an event where students present start-up proposals to a panel of legal scholars, entrepreneurs, and other students.

Below is an excerpt from a article on the competition:

“Legal education has been stronger on tradition than innovation,” said Joan W. Howarth, dean of the Michigan State law school. “What we’re trying to do is educate lawyers for the future, not the past.”

Like a number of law schools looking to the future of a challenging profession, this school is pushing its students to understand business and technology so that they can advise entrepreneurs in coming fields. The school wants them to think of themselves as potential founders of start-ups as well, and to operate fluidly in a legal environment that is being transformed by technology.

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