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Blog // Connect Michigan

Mobile Broadband Helps 2.7 Million Michiganders Stay Connected

By CMI Staff

From Hongqiang Sun, Research Analyst 

A new study from Connect Michigan finds that more than one out of three Michigan adults access mobile broadband. This represents approximately 2.7 million Michiganders who go online via their cell phones, or on a laptop or tablet through a cellular network. And despite the growing popularity of tablet and laptop computers, more than three out of four (76%) of these mobile users say their cell phone is the only device they use to connect to mobile broadband service.

Mobile usage is not universal across Michigan, though. Individuals who have traditionally been more likely to embrace home broadband service are often more likely to subscribe to mobile broadband service, including Michiganders who are employed, college-educated, and have higher annual incomes. The exception to this is along racial lines; whereas Hispanics and African Americans have traditionally been slower to subscribe to home broadband service, these two groups are more likely to be mobile users than Caucasians in Michigan.

Our study shows that many mobile subscribers are relying on their cell phones for many of their online needs.  An estimated 1.4 million adults in Michigan go online via their cell phones on a daily basis. At the other end of the spectrum, nearly one in six Michigan adults who pay for broadband service on their cell phones never use it. 

Smart phones are not going to replace home broadband connections in the near future, though, as Michigan residents still rely on home broadband service more for e-Health applications, learning tools, and when searching or applying for jobs.  This suggests that smart phones are not yet a substitute for the ability to access the Internet on a computer.

Connect Michigan breaks down this information further in its report, Mobile Broadband Usage in Michigan.  To learn more about the state of broadband in Michigan and how Connect Michigan is working to bring fast, affordable broadband to everyone across the state, visit our website, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.




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