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Blog // Connect Michigan

The Impact of iPads in Education

By Wil Payton

Using technology in Michigan to promote more active student engagement in the learning process

iPadWireless computing and digital devices are redefining the educational ecosystem and Michigan educators are embracing this technological transformation. One key variable in this evolution is the implementation of 1:1 device programs (one device per student).

Educators are finding that this type of program motivates students to take a more active role in the learning process and stimulates critical thinking.

In a recent article in Edudemic, Fred Sitkins, principal at Boyne City Elementary School (and a member of the first community to receive our Connected Community certification) wrote about the evolving mindset regarding technology and education:

“Today’s technology provides the opportunity for students to access endless amounts of information on any topic taught in our schools.  It’s no longer about who has the most information in their heads, it’s about who can find that information the fastest and who can do something with the information that they find.  If we truly want to prepare our students for the future they will live in, we need to teach them how to find information and more importantly what to do with the information that they find.”

The entire student population in the Elk Rapids School District will be using iPads this year. In The Antrim Review, School Superintendent Steve Prissel gave details on the program:

“The biggest change the student population as a whole will see this year is that we have iPads for the entire K-12 student population,” said Prissel. Students at Elk Rapids schools grades K-6 will be utilizing the devices in the classroom,
however grades 7-12 will have the option of taking the computers home with them, thus expanding their school day, with permission from their parent or guardian.

In the Lansing School District, Waverly Superintendent Terry Urquhart gave insight, in the Lansing State Journal, on expectations regarding its iPad program and student achievement:

“The reason for any new technology is to facilitate the achievement of our students and prepare them for success in the future (and) iPads are here to stay,” he said.

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