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Blog // Connect Michigan

From Hurricanes to Wildfires: Preparing Your Family in Case of a Disaster

By Jessica Denson

Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, wildfires along the east coast—each one a tragedy for communities now struggling to cope. But each one is also a reminder that every one of us needs a plan in case of an emergency.

FEMA has named September as National Preparedness Month. That means it’s time to make sure each member of your family knows what to do to stay safe and communicate during times of disaster. 

To do so requires a plan to help everyone from children to grandparents understand what action to take and even what not to do. You can go to for ways to prepare your loved ones for everything from extreme heat to hurricanes and flooding. 

Being prepared is why FirstNet is right now working to streamline communications among first responders. Making sure our fire, police, and emergency personnel are able to communicate effectively during times of disaster is crucial to rescue and recovery efforts.

FirstNet is building a public safety broadband network. It’s a plan that came out of the 9/11 Commission in response to emergency communications issues during the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Plans for states and territories are in the hands of leaders across the United States. So far, more than a third of the country has opted into the plan presented by FirstNet.

For more on National Prepared Month, click here


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