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Blog // Connect Michigan

The GIF File Format Reemerges During This Year’s Olympic Games

By Wil Payton

Gabby DouglasThe GIF file, long relegated to the bottom of the technology toolbox, has resurged during the recently completed Olympic Summer Games. In this era of short attention spans, the GIF provides a perfect format for viewing compelling video tidbits.

Sure, there were multiple opportunities to see the assorted events on the various NBC affiliated channels, but interpreting the viewing schedule could easily become a formidable task. An article in the New York Times highlighted this development as follows:

And over the past few weeks, the Games have highlighted the GIF as a particularly compelling storytelling format, an amalgamation of video and photo that despite its inherent succinctness is able to convey a narrative. It’s a new medium for an era spent behind a browser, one that understands the impatience and fractured attention of people reading multiple things on a screen, the importance of grasping the takeaway within a matter of seconds.

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