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Blog // Connect Michigan

FirstNet Recognizes the 43rd Annual National EMS Week With National EMS Management Association (NEMSMA)

By Connected Nation

In celebration of National EMS Week, FirstNet profiled the National EMS Management Association (NEMSMA) that focuses on providing effective EMS systems throughout the country and keeping up with the needs of EMS professionals and communities. First responders and EMS professionals look to FirstNet to provide the latest technology to keep a community safe.

FirstNet will help EMS professionals provide quality care more quickly. EMS providers often are working in a life or death situation and need advanced technology for various medical emergencies; now they can turn to FirstNet to use LTE spectrum. There’s possibly an app in the works that could alert first responders when someone has a heart attack and send information to a nearby hospital immediately. It’s all about speeding up when first responders can: 1) know about an emergency; 2) report to the scene; and 3) relay patient information to a hospital.

The importance of advanced emergency communications means more lives saved. FirstNet technology could provide hospitals with more information— even in the form of a video—prior to the patient’s arrival at the hospital, allowing for quicker treatment upon arrival.

NEMSMA has created an Information and Technology Committee that focuses solely on emergency communication. Recently, NEMSMA went to Washington, D.C. to connect EMS professionals with congressional leaders to discuss EMS needs across the United States.

Read more about NEMSA’s work here.


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