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Blog // Connect Michigan

FirstNet’s Record-Breaking, $46 Billion Partnership With AT&T

By Jessica Denson

The First Responder Network Authority announced the selection of AT&T to build the FirstNet network, a nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to America’s first responders, at a cost of $46.6 billion.

It’s a record-breaking, public-private partnership that FirstNet officials say will allow them to better respond to public safety needs while “capitalizing on commercial best practices.” 

“With this award, this is a promise fulfilled by the federal government to law enforcement, fire, EMS professional throughout our country, and the American people who count on them to save lives and protect our community,“ Mike Roth, FirstNet CEO, said about the partnership.

The new network will make it possible for first responders to communicate seamlessly across jurisdictions. It’s critical for law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services (EMS) who are working in the field.

T.J. Kennedy, FirstNet President, explained how the FirstNet network will directly affect families.

“We will be able to provide innovation to first responders that respond to your house when you call 911. They’ll be able to get information that will make a difference in emergency medical care. They’ll be able to get information that will make a difference when responding to crime. And they’ll be able to get information that will make a difference when fighting a house fire at your home.”

FirstNet’s network will provide important data to those first responders so they can respond quicker and in more effective ways.

The FirstNet network will be a high-speed network built specifically for the millions of public safety users in all 50 states and five U.S. territories (including rural communities and tribal lands), as well as the District of Columbia. It will modernize first responders’ communications and deliver specialized features that are not available to them on wireless networks today.

Connect Iowa, a subsidiary of Connected Nation, has long supported and promoted the work of FirstNet. We’re excited to see where this new partnership takes this effort to connect all of America’s First Responders

See how this can directly impact us all:

What this means to First Responders: 

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Connect Iowa, in partnership with the Iowa Statewide Interoperability Communications System Board (ISICSB), has delivered FirstNet presentations to representatives of all 99 Iowa counties and hosted workshops in the 6 regions throughout Iowa. During these workshops, a chair and vice-chair were elected to the Regional Interoperability Committee (RIC) to work with the ISICSB.

About FirstNet: The September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks against the United States prompted the 9/11 Commission to recommend a dedicated public safety communications network. This network would be interoperable and nationwide to resolve the communication issues emergency responders face when tragedy strikes. The First Responder Network Authority, or FirstNet, an organization created in 2012 as part of the 9/11 Commission’s recommendation, is overseeing the building of the network.


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