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Blog // Connect Michigan

The First States and Territories to Opt-In to FirstNet

By Connected Nation

Territories across the United States are beginning to officially opt-in to the First Net and AT&T network to enhance their public safety communities. The wireless broadband network will help first responders save more lives and protect communities as quickly as possible.

Watch here for an explanation of FirstNet’s capabilities for an advanced public safety community. So far, one U.S. territory and eleven states have opted in to the FirstNet and AT&T network.

The U.S. Virgin Islands became the first territory to opt-in and Virginia became the first state. New Mexico, Wyoming and Montana have followed. Other states include:

·         Iowa

·         Arkansas

·         West Virginia

·         Kentucky

·         Michigan

·         New Jersey

·         Maine

Many other states have received their state plans to use the FirstNet and AT&T network. Public safety and daily work for first responders is changing for the better. More first responders will be connected across one private network and be able to share and send large amounts of data during emergencies.

Stay up-to-date with the latest states and territories who are improving their public safety here.


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