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Blog // Connect Michigan

Expansion of wireless network critical for Michigan

By CMI Staff


Commentary from Orjiakor N. Isiogu

Americans are adopting broadband wireless devices faster than any other technology in history. The speed of this trend is transforming the American economy and way of life.
It also poses a challenge to federal and state policy makers: how can we ensure that every American has access to the benefits of broadband wireless without breaking the bank or disrupting older technologies?
Fortunately, we have overcome this type of problem before and we can do so again. The transition to digital TV is a perfect example.
Millions of Americans are watching pennant races and the return of the NFL in sparkling HD-quality broadcasts. It's a technological luxury we take for granted. But we'd likely still be watching fuzzy standard-definition images today had Congress not intervened in the standoff between broadcasters and electronics manufacturers over how and when to innovate.



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