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Blog // Connect Michigan

Distributing State Plans for FirstNet

By Connected Nation

On June 19, The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) announced its next step in providing broadband (high-speed internet) and voice network to first responders in America. By providing State Plans to individual states, FirstNet will learn which states are interested in its first responder program and which states are not. And, an added bonus is that the network buildout proposed in the State Plans will create thousands of new jobs nationwide across the states and territories.

For the past four years, FirstNet worked with locals to determine the specific needs of first responders, so that they could better meet the needs of the individual areas of public safety. FirstNet released the individualized plans to an online portal on June 19. Each state will have 45 days to evaluate its plan and exchange feedback with FirstNet, and then the 90-day opt-in/opt-out clock starts ticking.  

The hope is that, once a state has accepted the plan, the state will:

-Relinquish control (of finances, operations, risks, maintenance, and upgrading) to AT&T for the next 25 years

-Launch the key public safety network features

-Provide dedicated network access to first responders

-Deliver competitive rates for feature-rich services to first responders

To gain more insight into the work of FirstNet and AT&T, visit:



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