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Blog // Connect Michigan

Broadband Internet Access Basics - Data Validation

By CMI Staff

Contributor: Terry Holmes

Armed with an arsenal of test equipment and data, we go out in the field and spend countless hours determining how closely each platform above is accurately displayed on the Michigan maps.  In other words, our engineers validate a sampling of the data broadband providers submit to confirm coverage areas and broadband speeds.

As I explain what I'm doing with this equipment to folks I meet, they’re generally surprised and supportive of the validation activities.  Many people can't believe we’re so well equipped to verify a provider or platform service area.

To see an example of a typical Connected Nation field validation performed by ETS member Dwayne Goodman in a community just south of Dallas, Texas, visit

Terry Holmes conducts a spectrum analysis test while explaining the process to members of the Michigan Public Service Commission.

Terry Holmes serves as Senior Technologist for Connected Nation’s Engineering & Technical Services Division.  He works with each of the state's broadband providers to gather the vital data needed to create detailed maps of broadband coverage.  He also responds to broadband inquiries posted by residents of Michigan at the Connect Michigan web site (

Terry works with the Program Manager Eric Frederick and the rest of the Connect Michigan Team to promote broadband access, adoption, and use in all areas of the state.

Connect Michigan is a subsidiary of Connected Nation and operates as a non-profit in the state of Michigan.  Connect Michigan partnered with the Michigan Public Service Commission to engage in a comprehensive broadband planning and technology initiative as part of National effort to map and expand broadband. The program began by gathering provider data to form a statewide broadband map and performing statewide business and residential technology assessments, but has since progressed to working with communities on community plans.  Bolstered by benchmarking data that has been gathered through Connected Nation's mapping and market research, the Connected Community Engagement program is drilling down to the regional and local level to facilitate community technology planning.

If you have any questions regarding the Connect Michigan initiative, please contact us.

We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about broadband delivery methods and our validation process. Your efforts are making a great impact and helping us continue to level the digital playing field as we work to improve broadband adoption and education.

For more, please Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to let us know what you thought of this blog series, and to stay up-to-date on the progress we're making.


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