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Blog // Connect Michigan

Broadband Installation will benefit Thumb

By CMI Staff


From Kate Hessling | Huron Daily Tribune

BAD AXE — The president of Agri-Valley Communications, Inc. said Thumb Cellular will install close to 340 miles of fiber optic broadband in the Tri-County area by 2013.
Edwin Eichler explained Thumb Cellular, which is owned by Agri-Valley Communications, Inc (AVCI), is doing a 4G LTE broadband network with Verizon to provide wireless high speed data for cell phones. AVCI currently is working on installing the fiber optic broadband needed to support that venture.
“We’ll be going to almost all of our 48-plus sites to help improve service for everyone,” Eichler said.
The 48-plus sites are towers Thumb Cellular has equipment on, Eichler explained. The fiber optic broadband is being installed from the towers to AVCI’s network operations center in Pigeon.
Then, Thumb Cellular will interconnect with Verizon to provide 4G LTE roaming service to Verizon customers and they’ll provide it to Thumb Cellular customers.
The bottom line is improved wireless data service, Eichler said.



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