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Blog // Connect Michigan

Broadband Inquiries – An Answer may be an Empowering Click Away

By Wil Payton

Are you curious about the level of broadband access in your community? Would you like to know which providers might be able to service a particular address? Do you think our broadband maps accurately reflect the coverage in your area? All of these questions can be addressed through a simple process know as a broadband inquiry (BBI).

A broadband inquiry is a direct link to Connect Michigan’s team of engineers and GIS professionals. Residents can access and submit a Broadband Inquiry directly from the Connect Michigan website, or if the individual does not have Internet access, they can contact us by telephone.

BBI feedback from residents:

  • Helps to validate the accuracy of a state’s broadband map.
  • Assists Engineering and Technical Services (ETS)  and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team members in confirming a provider’s availability to a certain address.
  • Is analyzed to identify a need in a specific region, town, or even along a specific street.
  • Helps to both demonstrate and drive demand for broadband in unserved areas.

Connect Michigan’s ETS or GIS staff will make direct contact with residents who submit an inquiry through the website mapping section.

The ETS team member will first conduct desktop research. They then send the person making an inquiry a list of providers who offer service to the address provided, as well as furnish contact information for companies that the consumer may not be aware of. Fixed wireless broadband providers, for example, are usually smaller operators and are hard-pressed to advertise to every potential customer in their service area.

BBI respondents usually offer feedback to our team in one of two ways:

  • Affirm that the list of service providers is correct, and enlist a provider’s service.
  • Inform engineers that a possible discrepancy might exist between service areas supplied for mapping purposes and the definitive service offerings to a residence.

ETS’ main objectives in this activity are to either a) confirm or revise the BBI’s provider inventory, or b) gather information about possible broadband options near the BBI address.

To learn more or to make a broadband inquiry click here and be sure to follow Connect Michigan on Facebook and Twitter for more articles on how technology impacts your life!


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