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Blog // Connect Michigan

Broadband Helps Michigan’s Economy Grow

By CMI Staff

By Hongqiang Sun, Research Analyst

A new study from Connect Michigan shows that broadband impacts and improves Michigan’s economic outlook in many ways. Online applications such as online sales and online shopping enable Michigan residents to purchase goods or services from vendors around the world, in addition to selling goods and services in return. E-Learning helps increase degree attainment in Michigan, and teleworking and broadband use in the workplace helps Michigan businesses recruit and retain skilled and well-educated employees.

Statewide, 71% (or approximately 5.4 million Michigan residents)Cash Graphic subscribe to home broadband service, and 47% or 3.6 million Michigan adults are mobile broadband users.  In addition, more than three out of four Michigan businesses (76%) use high-speed Internet. These broadband users have a dramatic impact on Michigan’s economy in a variety of ways.

Broadband is helping Michigan residents further their education, helping improve their earning capabilities. High-paying jobs for educated workers often require Internet access, making broadband vital to provide jobs that will help keep Michigan’s best and brightest living in-state instead of moving for job opportunities elsewhere. Teleworking helps Michigan workers save money in fuel and car maintenance, while reducing congestion and wear on the state’s highways.

Online sales also have a major impact on Michigan’s economy. Michigan residents conduct 17.1 million transactions with Michigan businesses and spend nearly $1.1 billion on these purchases annually. On the other end of the equation, online sales represent $467 million annually for Michigan residents who sell products or services online.

Connect Michigan breaks down and quantifies these impacts further in its report, Broadband’s Economic Impact in Michigan.

To learn more about the state of broadband in Michigan and how Connect Michigan is working to bring fast, affordable broadband to everyone across the state, explore our website, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.



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