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Blog // Connect Michigan

USDA Grant Funds Rural Telemedicine and E-Learning

By Eric Frederick

 The USDA is making $19 million available to rural areas seeking to expand distance learning opportunities and telemedicine. The Distance Learning and Telemedicine (DLT) grant program gives schools, government groups, non-profits, businesses, and others the opportunity to obtain equipment and instruction that can benefit local students, teachers, doctors, and, most importantly, the community.  Nearly one fifth of America’s population resides in rural areas, as classified by the U.S. Census Bureau. These nearly 59.5 million people are spread over more than 90% of the nation’s land area, making it exceedingly difficult to concentrate...

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Making Rural Broadband Possible Through Agricultural Assets

By Eric Frederick

Ogemaw County, Michigan is taking a creative approach to expanding broadband infrastructure in the area, combining agricultural assets with broadband technology. By identifying structures that can be used as vertical assets transmitting wireless broadband frequencies, Ogemaw is making a map of low-cost, easy-access broadband potential. Wireless Internet signals through radio frequencies allow smartphones, laptops, and other devices to access the Internet without the need to install underground cables. To convey the signal properly, the transmission devices must be elevated above trees, buildings, and other obstructions, optimally 75 feet or...

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Fighting Cyber Attacks Nationally and Locally

By Connected Nation

As technology grows in importance and prevalence in business and in day-to-day activities, so do the risks involved in its use. Cyber attacks are becoming more common, more sophisticated, and more diverse, affecting entire industries and even countries collectively, all the way down to the individual user. Governments and law enforcement officials are now using the power of the Internet to fight its risks, by creating a more powerful security architecture and, most importantly, by keeping end users aware of the threats. Cyber attacks may range anywhere between annoying—such as email spam or viruses that create repetitive ads—to devastating,...

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Connecting with communities via Facebook

By CMI Staff

The social networking giant Facebook now hosts over 1.23 billion active members, including individuals from all over the world and a wide range of public and private organizations, businesses and communities. As a way of reaching residents faster with important community bulletins, cities, townships, counties, chambers of commerce and other local groups are finding their way online with Facebook, which has quickly become the gold standard in social media. With billions of users logging on at least monthly and millions logging on daily, checking up on community news and sharing information when news breaks no longer requires newspapers, new...

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