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Blog // Connect Michigan

Mobile Parking Payment System Launched in Mt. Clemens

By Wil Payton

If you find yourself in Mt. Clemens without pocket change for parking — well, it’s no problem — just whip out your smartphone. Parkmobile USA has just implemented a digital parking payment system. Here’s an excerpt from CBS Detroit – Online about this convenient payment method: Said Cherie Fuzzell, CEO of Parkmobile USA: “With this technology, customers no longer have to search for change at their destination. Our mobile payment service is an example of another technology that can make our lives easier and more efficient.” The new program is offered city-wide. With the addition of QR Code to its suite of payment options, Parkmobile’s mobile...

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Holiday Shopping: Online vs. In-Store

By CMI Staff

Traditionally, this Friday marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Many  stores will be full with frantic shoppers darting in every direction, hunting for the best gifts and the best deals for each of their loved ones. For those who either do not have time, or dread the drama of holiday shopping, there is a growing in popular alternative. Like anything else that can now be done online, it doesn’t come as a surprise that, rather than spending their weekends searching for parking spots and waiting in long lines that wrap around stores at the mall, more shoppers are sitting at home or at work on their computers, smartphones,...

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GIS Day 2012: Discovering the World Through GIS

By CMI Staff

As we celebrate GIS Day today, it seems fitting that everyone’s attention has been on maps recently, especially with the election results last week and the devastation and recovery from superstorm Sandy. Perhaps without realizing it, everyone is taking advantage of the power of GIS. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) allow us to visualize vast amounts of data and information to better understand our physical world, political events, cultural changes, disasters, and much more. GIS Day celebrates the use of GIS to analyze diverse topics in local, state, federal, and international applications. From the breakdown of...

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Free Google Resources for Growing Your Business Online

By Amanda Murphy

In partnership with Connect Michigan, Connect Ohio, Ohio Telecommunications Association, and Telecommunications Association of Michigan, Google - the world’s online search leader - conducted two free Growing Your Business Online workshops last week at the Great Lakes Technology Showcase in Toledo, Ohio. Both workshops had full attendance and participants received tips and information for utilizing Google resources to increase, monitor, and maintain their business’ web presence.   Many of Google’s resources are free and available online at Below is a list of topics covered during the workshops...

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