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Blog // Connect Michigan

Getting Rural Michigan on the Broadband Bandwagon

By Wil Payton

For Michigan residents, it’s a given that broadband availability is a necessity for both economic development and for enhanced quality of life. In rural sectors of the state with light population density — and natural geographic features like rolling hills and forested landscapes — rural communities are often challenged when it comes to building a business case for providers to expand access to their service in outlying areas. Additionally, partial service in a community can impact how an area’s availability is calculated. Below is an excerpt from a article on this issue: Tom Stephenson, community technology adviser with...

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Today Deadline for Expressions of Interest in FCC Rural Broadband Experiments program

By Connected Nation

Today marks the deadline for interested parties to file non-binding expressions of interest in the Rural Broadband Experiments (RBE) program first announced last month by the FCC. The program, which is spurring widespread interest with already dozens if not hundreds of submissions on the record, seeks funding proposals for projects to connect areas across the country that lack broadband access. The program hopes to incentivize deployment of “scalable” broadband networks in communities without ubiquitous broadband at speeds of at least 3 Mbps down/768 kbps up. This new funding program, which could be as large as $230 million, has drawn the...

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President Obama Highlights the Importance of Rural Broadband at Farm Bill Signing

By Wil Payton

President Obama was in Michigan today to sign the Farm Bill into law. In his speech, at Michigan State University in East Lansing, the President commented on recent initiatives to increase broadband in the nation’s schools. Below are excerpts from his speech that highlight the importance of broadband: A lot of what you’re doing here at Michigan State helps to spur on that innovation in all sorts of areas that can then be commercialized into new industries and to create new jobs.  Training folks with the skills to fill those jobs -- something this institution does very well. We’ve helped to make sure all of our students have high-speed...

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Rural Broadband Works … and could work for Michigan

By CMI Staff

From Michael Lesich Michigan is transitioning from its 20th Century industrial roots to a global, interconnected, knowledge- based economy. Decisions about the future of our state’s economic direction are being made in the boardrooms of private companies and the halls of our state capitol. The most important innovation of my lifetime, the Internet, relies increasingly on a solid broadband infrastructure (land-based and mobile), to carry exponentially increasing traffic. Robust and universal access to the Internet is vital to the companies and residents of Michigan and the United States. However, we are still a long way from that critical...

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