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Blog // Connect Michigan

Getting Online and Getting Active

By Eric Frederick

The Fremont Community Recreation Authority (FCRA) in Fremont, Michigan, has brought children and adults in the community together for just over two years, providing a space for a wide array of activities including swimming, basketball, tennis, soccer, and more. In that time, the FCRA has successfully engaged the community in teams, classes, camps, tournaments, and other programs throughout the year, bringing families away from sedentary inactivity. By using the time spent online, the FCRA has begun to divert energy back to movement and action, as well as organize new activities. Inactivity has become a part of work and entertainment, with...

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State and District Measures Require Students to Take Virtual Classes

By CMI Staff

From Michelle R. Davis | Education Week Published: October 17, 2011Two years ago, Tennessee’s Putnam County school system adopted an online-learning graduation requirement for its high school students. But district officials realized that not all students had high-speed Internet access at home, or even computers, so they came up with a variety of options to allow students to fulfill the requirement.   The state of Tennessee already mandated that all students take a class on personal finance, so Putnam County put its version online, complete with the district’s own online teachers. Students can complete the course independently before...

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