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Blog // Connect Michigan

Broadband Internet Access Basics - Data Validation

By CMI Staff

Contributor: Terry Holmes Armed with an arsenal of test equipment and data, we go out in the field and spend countless hours determining how closely each platform above is accurately displayed on the Michigan maps.  In other words, our engineers validate a sampling of the data broadband providers submit to confirm coverage areas and broadband speeds. As I explain what I'm doing with this equipment to folks I meet, they’re generally surprised and supportive of the validation activities.  Many people can't believe we’re so well equipped to verify a provider or platform service area. To see an example of a typical Connected Nation...

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Internet Basics Program Targets the Broadband Affordability Gap

By Wil Payton

A 2011 Connected Nation survey conducted across multiple states and territories indicated that nationwide, approximately 5.5 million households with annual incomes below $25,000 and with children present do not subscribe to home broadband service. Across the board, households with lower incomes subscribe to broadband at a lower rate than higher-income households. But how much of a barrier is affordability and what is the most efficient and effective way of bridging the Affordability Gap? Several organizations are attempting to address these issues. One such initiative, launched by CenturyLink, is called Internet Basics, a broadband adoption...

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